Personality Test

Discover your true personality with this quiz. It's fun, but it's also based on scientific methodology. In it, you answer a series or questions to evaluate yourself on four dichotomies.

Extroverted - Introverted
Sensing - iNtuitive
Thinking - Feeling
Judging - Perceiving

Thus, there are sixteen possible combinations, usually abbreviated with four letters like INTP. They are also known as the Promoter, Crafter, Performer, Composer, Administrator, Organizer, Provider, Protector, Communicator, Dreamer, Champion, Healer, General, Mastermind, Inventor, and Professor.

Which one are you?
ESTP - The Promoter
ESFJ - The Provider
ENTJ - The General
ISTP - The Crafter
ISFJ - The Protector
INTJ - The Mastermind
ESFP - The Performer
ENFJ - The Communicator
ENTP - The Inventor
ISFP - The Composer
INFJ - The Dreamer
INTP - The Professor
ESTJ - The Administrator
ENFP - The Champion
ISTJ - The Organizer
INFP - The Healer