Quiz Maker Privacy Policy

September 30, 2016

REGISTRATION: Since Quiz Maker is built upon the Facebook platform, there is no separate registration system for Tom's Apps. Tom's Apps uses certain information from the Facebook platform for its functionality. This includes your Facebook ID, authentication token, email, friends IDs and other information permitted by the Facebook platform terms of use.

EMAIL: Your email will be used to contact you with messages from Tom's Apps, LLC. You opt in to this when authorizing any application on Tom's Apps and voluntarily provide your email. You can opt out from these messages from a link in them.

SUBMITTED INFORMATION: Quiz Maker stores information, which you submit to it, including but not limited to: images, text, and meta data. These can be deleted by you at any time. Because the purpose of Quiz Maker is to create publicly available quizzes, all information that you submit is available publicly. Technically, this content must be redistributed to the people taking your quizzes. Tom's Apps, LLC will never sell or distribute your content outside of Quiz Maker.

COPYRIGHT: You may only submit material to Quiz Maker which you created or for which you own the rights. If you see unauthorized material on Tom's Apps which you own, email help@tomsapps.com to have it removed under DMCA.

ADVERTISING: Quiz Maker serves ads from third-party networks. Quiz Maker does not pass any personal information to these ad networks. These networks have their own privacy policies at:

COOKIES: Cookies are used to keep you logged in and store information necessary for the function of Quiz Maker. Cookies are not used to track you.

TRACKING: Tom's Apps does not track individual users. Google Analytics is used to track aggregate usage of Quiz Maker. It has a separate privacy policy at:

REMOVAL: You disconnect Quiz Maker from your Facebook account by going to Settings in Facebook and clicking Apps. After you disconnect Quiz Maker, submissions made to them may still remain visible to other users, so you should delete your content you no longer want available before disconnecting.

CHANGES: This privacy policy may be updated from time to time and you are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically. Changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted here.

QUESTIONS: If you have any questions with this Privacy Policy, please email help@tomsapps.com.